WGU Acceptance Rate

WGU Acceptance Rate: Remote degrees in four in-demand fields are available from Western Governors University (WGU), an online private nonprofit university. Online programs in business, IT, education, and healthcare are available to students.

WGU Acceptance Rate

With more than 200,000 students enrolled online, WGU is renowned for being both the largest online school and the largest university in the nation.

At WGU, students receive their degree through competency-based learning, in which they must pass competency tests to advance through their program and pass their classes.

This model can be advantageous to students who have prior experience or knowledge in their field because it enables them to save money on their degree by skipping classes for which they already possess the necessary knowledge. 

Is Western Governors University Accredited?

Indeed, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities has granted Western Governors University its accreditation (NWCCU).

WGU was founded by 19 state governors who represented a large geographic region of the United States, which contributed to its initial accreditation by four regional accrediting commissions at the same time.

The key to making sure you’ll be receiving a widely recognized education from a respectable school is to enroll in a program that has been fully accredited by an established accrediting body.

Additionally, it ensures that employers will respect your college degree and that your credit hours can be transferred to other recognized universities.


Western Governors University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Western Governors University is 100 percent. Put another way, it has an open-admissions policy, which implies that, provided they fulfill the prerequisites, all applicants are accepted.

This translates into an extremely simple admissions process that essentially entails submitting your transcript from high school or its equivalent. Typically, there are no prerequisites for specific knowledge or courses, letters of recommendation, SAT or ACT scores, or essays.

Western Governors University Graduation Rate

The overall graduation rate at Western Governors University is 64 percent. This indicates how many undergraduate students have enrolled in the institution and successfully finished their courses within the allotted time.

According to the Education Data Initiative, the average graduation rate for students enrolled in two-year and four-year institutions in the US is 46.2%. This indicates that WGU has a higher-than-average graduation rate.

This is most likely a result of the online learning approach used by the institution, which was created to accommodate working professionals’ hectic schedules. Students are probably highly motivated to finish their studies because they are aware that they can work as quickly or slowly as they need to.

Western Governors University Student Reviews

Reviews of Western Governors University on the website Rate My professors award the institution an overall quality rating of 3.3 stars.

Positive evaluations highlight how easily and completely the online school can accommodate students’ schedules. They also commend the option to proceed at their own pace and the fixed tuition rate.

Unfavorable evaluations detail interactions with certain faculty members that weren’t so great. Additionally, some advise obtaining an associate degree before enrolling at this university to reduce the number of courses required.

Is Western Governors University Legit?

Western Governors University is legitimate, yes. Aside from its accreditation, Western Governors University has won many noteworthy accolades. It offers students a good return on investment (ROI) and has been named a best-value school designee year after year.

Additionally, the United States Distance Learning Association has repeatedly recognized it for excellence in distance learning, and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation has given it awards for exceptional performance.


Where Is Western Governors University Located?

Since Western Governors University is an online institution, it is accessible from anywhere in the globe. Nonetheless, in addition to three corporate offices, there are nine regional hubs dispersed throughout the US. All of the instructors and staff who are available to assist the online students work out of these locations.

The main office of Western Governors University is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additional facilities are located in the following states: North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, Nevada, and Washington.