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Are you looking to study at Harvard University? One of the most prestigious universities in the USA? Then we’ve got you covered. This article will give you accurate information about the university’s courses, fees, acceptance rate, etc. Keep reading!!

harvard university


Overview of Harvard University

Harvard University is a prestigious private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

Founded in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading academic institutions.

Harvard is known for its rigorous academic programs, distinguished faculty, cutting-edge research, and rich history.

The university is organized into several academic units.

This includes Harvard College (undergraduate), the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and various professional schools, such as Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

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Courses Offered

Harvard University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including but not limited to:

Humanities: History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Linguistics, etc.

Social Sciences: Economics, Government, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, etc.

Natural Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Sciences, etc.

Engineering and Applied Sciences; Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, etc.

Professional Programs: Law, Business Administration, Medicine, Public Health, Education, Design, etc.

Harvard’s academic programs are designed to foster critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills while providing students with a strong foundation in their chosen fields.

Harvard University Tuition Fees

Tuition and fees at Harvard University vary depending on the program of study and student status (undergraduate, graduate, professional).

With data collected as of 2022, undergraduate tuition and fees for the 2021-2022 academic year were approximately $54,000.

On the other hand, graduate and professional school tuition varied depending on the specific program.

It’s important to note that Harvard University is committed to providing financial aid to eligible students to help cover the cost of tuition, room, board, and other expenses.

The university’s financial aid program is need-based and aims to make Harvard education accessible to students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Prospective students interested in studying at the University should consult the university’s official website.

Also contact the admissions office for detailed information on fees, admission requirements, available programs, and application procedures.


Harvard University consistently ranks among the top universities globally in various international rankings, including the QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

It is often ranked as one of the top universities in the world for its academic reputation, research output, faculty quality, and overall impact on higher education and society.


  • 3

    in National Universities (tie)

  • #1

    in Best Value Schools

  • #30

    in Engineering Programs (doctorate) (tie)

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Acceptance Rate

Harvard University is highly selective in its admissions process, with an acceptance rate typically below 5% for undergraduate programs.

This means for every 100 applicants, only 5 are selected.

The acceptance rate for graduate and professional programs varies depending on the specific school and program but tends to be highly competitive as well.

Overall, Harvard University is renowned for its academic excellence, intellectual rigor, and commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation across disciplines.

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