Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test – Do you want to be accepted into a reputable institution? The finest website for learning to code is Coding Ninjas. Coding Ninjas’ training programs cost a lot of money. Many students are unable to finish the Coding Ninjas course due to financial constraints.

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Are you familiar with the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Exam? You must study this post very attentively if you want to learn more about the exam. You can find all the specifics about the exam, its advantages, the application process, and any other pertinent information on this page.

What is Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test?

For every student interested in enrolling in coding ninjas courses, the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All of Coding Ninjas’ courses can be taken by students for no cost. The cost of the Coding Ninjas courses makes this a fantastic offer.

Every month, the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test is held in order to assist students who are financially strapped but still want to learn programming from Coding Ninjas.


Highlights Of Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

  • Name of the scheme: Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test
  • Launched by: Coding Ninjas
  • Launched for: Students
  • Benefits: fee concession
  • Mode of application: online
  • Official site: Coding Ninjas

Exam Dates

The exam date will shortly be modified for college students and working adults.

Course List

How to Apply for Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

Here are the steps that must be taken in order to apply for the Test:

  • Register to take the scholarship test for Coding Ninjas. You may sign up for it right here.
  • Pay the invoice: The registration fee for students is Rs 99. However, after using the scholarship test promo code SCTIBGKSOY. You may register for the test for just Rs 48, or 100% off the regular price.
  • To participate in the test, you must show up on the test day.

Scholarship Criteria

Depending on how well they do on the 30-question test, students may be eligible for a coding scholarship. In direct proportion to the student‘s academic progress, the scholarship amount rises.  All other competitors get a 10% scholarship no matter how they do.

How to Prepare for Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

The following resources can be used to get ready for the Test:

  • Scholarship Test for Coding Ninjas 
  • Coding Ninjas Practice in Time-Bounded Environment Study Material
  • Coding Masters Examples of Mock Exams 
  • Questions for Coding Ninjas in August 2021
  • Additional aptitude exercises with theory

Benefits Of the Test 

  • The top three finishers will receive a full scholarship.
  • The top 4–10 finishers will get a 75% scholarship.
  • All students that get a high percentage after ranking 10 will be awarded scholarships as follows:
  • The top 5% of students will receive 50% scholarships.
  • 10% to 5% will receive a 40% scholarship.
  • 11 to 15% will receive a scholarship worth 35%.
  • a 30% scholarship will be awarded to 15 to 20%.
  • 25% of the 21 to 40% will receive a scholarship.
  • 20% of 40 to 50% will receive a scholarship.
  • 10% of the scholarship will go to the rest.

Examination Pattern

  • The test will include multiple-choice questions.
  • There will only be 30 inquiries.
  • The following topics will be covered in the questions
  • Combinations and permutations
  • Probability
  • Work and time percentages
  • Gains and losses
  • Interest, both simple and compound
  • Ages
  • Averages
  • Clock and calendar (not too imp)
  • Distance, time, and speed
  • Numbering schemes


Application Fee

You must pay Rs. 99 as a registration fee in order to take the Test.

When submitting the application form, the fee must be paid.

When is Test Result announced?

Three days following the test, the results of the test are released.

Both your registered WhatsApp number and email address will be used to send you the results.