Tolu Odebiyi Scholarship: Are you a Nigerian undergraduate who is enrolled in Level 200 right now? Are you a senator representing Ogun State West? 

Tolu Odebiyi Scholarship

Do you want to apply for a scholarship? If your response is affirmative, this post will explain how to apply for the Tolu Odebiyi undergraduate scholarship. The Sen. Tolu Odebiyi (TOD) Scholarship Board has announced the Tolu Odebiyi Undergraduate Scholarship Award.

About the Founder (Tolu Odebiyi Scholarship)

Nigerian politician Senator Tolulope Odebiyi, born on November 14, 1963, was chosen to represent Ogun West in the Senate in 2019.

He is Kemi and Jonathan Odebiyi‘s son. His mother served on the Independent National Electoral Commission, while his father was a former senator.

He earned a B.Sc. in Building Construction and Engineering Technology from Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Before beginning his further studies in Ibadan at Government College, Odebiyi completed his elementary education at All Saints Primary School.

Tolulope Odebiyi served as Ibikunle Amosun, a former governor of Ogun State, as his chief of staff. He crossed the border into America from Nigeria to continue his education.


About Tolu Odebiyi Foundation

The Tolu Odebiyi Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2019. The foundation was established in Iboro, in Western Nigeria’s Ogun State’s Yewa North Area.

The Foundation was established with the intention of changing the way the people of Ogun West think and reawakening the spirit of nationalism and hard work by teaching them these values and instilling in them the belief that success is more meaningful and rewarding when it is attained through putting forth a lot of effort.

Odebiyi’s father was a former senator, and his mother served on the Independent National Electoral Commission. In addition to an associate’s degree in engineering technology from the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus, he also possesses a bachelor’s degree in building construction and engineering technology from Boston’s Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Before continuing his higher education at the Polytechnic in Ibadan, Tolu Odebiyi completed his elementary school at Okemesi, Ekiti State. 

To continue his education, he moved from Nigeria to the United States of America. He started his professional career in real estate later in life before switching to politics.

As a method of giving back to society, the Tolu Odebiyi Scholarship recognizes outstanding undergraduate students from the Ogun Senatorial District with a single annual award of 100,000 Naira for the duration of their academic program.

Qualification Requirements

  • You must be enrolled in a public university and at least level 200.
  • A CGPA of 2.1 or higher is necessary (Upper Division).
  • Must be a native of the Ogun West Senatorial District.

How to Apply for Tolu Odebiyi Undergraduate Scholarship

Are you qualified and interested? Visit and search for the Tolu Odebiyi Scholarship Program to submit an application.

For further information, go to the Odebiyi Foundation website.


Send an email to


Only qualified candidates from Ogun West who have submitted an application will be contacted.