Ohio State University Tuition

The Ohio State University Tuition is one area that you will need guidance on if you wish to enter as well as survive in this institution. As you read through, we will be guiding you on what to expect regarding the Ohio State University Tuition and some financial aid that will help you.

Ohio State University Tuition


About Ohio State University

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Ohio State institution, also known as Ohio State, is a well-known public research institution.

One of the biggest and most comprehensive colleges in the country, Ohio State was founded in 1870. An outline of Ohio State University is provided below:

Located in the largest and fastest-growing city in Ohio, Columbus, is home to Ohio State’s main campus.

The campus spans more than 1,700 acres and has a variety of contemporary buildings, historical sites, and green areas.

With more than 200 undergraduate majors and 250 master’s and PhD programs, Ohio State provides a wide range of academic programs.

The university is unquestionably famous for placing a significant emphasis on research and innovation, having a wide variety of research centers and institutes.

Additionally, Ohio State is home to a vibrant and varied student body that includes individuals from more than 100 countries and all 50 states.

Tens of thousands of graduate and undergraduate students are enrolled at the university each year.

The university also features cutting-edge facilities. Libraries, labs, cultural and recreational hubs, and sports arenas fall under this category.

One of the university’s major healthcare facilities is the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

In conclusion, Ohio State provides a diverse range of cultural experiences through its museums, galleries, theaters, and on-campus cultural activities and performances.

Ohio State University Tuition and Fees for Undergraduates

The Ohio State University Tuition and Fees are as follows;

For Ohio Residents

Tuition and fees for full-time undergraduate Ohio residents at the Columbus campus were approximately $11,518 per year.

For Out-of-State Residents

At the Columbus campus, full-time undergraduate out-of-state residents paid roughly $33,502 in tuition and fees annually.

For the most precise and recent information on tuition and fees, however, make sure to visit Ohio State University’s official website or get in touch with their financial assistance office.

They might also provide financial aid options, grants, and scholarships to help with the cost of attendance.

For this reason, these figures—often referred to as the sticker price—include both tuition and fees.

Fees may be used to fund campus health clinics, student centers, student gyms, and technology services, depending on the university.

Remember to include both the net price and total cost when comparing the expenses of different institutions.

Additional expenses for personal expenses, books, and materials, accommodation, and board, and transportation are included in the sticker price.

The Ohio State University charges $53,833 for out-of-state students and $29,596 for in-state students as their total cost of attendance.

Ohio State Scholarships

For prospective first-year students attending the university in the fall of 2024, the university offers a number of merit awards in honor of exceptional academic achievements.

One type of financial aid that is not repaid is a merit scholarship.

First-year students at the Columbus campus compete for merit-based scholarships offered by the institution. Students from other countries are not eligible.

All of these scholarships—aside from the National Buckeye Scholarship—cannot be combined. Both the criteria and the award amounts are subject to change at any time.

Scholarship descriptions should be carefully studied as each one has different requirements and deadlines for eligibility.

To learn more about the requirements and the various scholarships that are offered, please visit the university’s scholarship page.

Examples of Ohio State Scholarships

1. Eminence Scholarship Program

2. Morrill Scholarship Program

3. Land Grant Opportunity Scholarship for Ohio residents

4. National Buckeye Scholarship for non-Ohio residents

5. Maximus, Provost, and Trustees Scholarships


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