Kenyon College Acceptance Rate – If you’re eyeing admission into Kenyon College, you definitely want to know the acceptance rate; it’s kind of a big deal. The good news? You don’t have to go on a wild goose chase to find this information. Stick around, and we’ll spill the beans on the Kenyon College acceptance rate and throw in some other handy admission details as you read on.

Kenyon College Acceptance Rate

Kenyon College is on the lookout for bright, top-of-the-class individuals who are all about diving into the world of learning. They’re after students who take the reins of their education, show initiative, and have a genuine desire to be active members of the campus community.

In Kenyon’s eyes, the ideal applicant is not just academically sound but also brings creativity to the table, is an achiever, and has an open mind, ready to explore and understand diverse cultures. They’re building a community of go-getters who are ready to make the most of their educational journey.

Kenyon College Acceptance Rate

Alright, let’s break down the details for Kenyon College admissions. They’re keeping it exclusive, with a 34% acceptance rate. Now, if you’re all about the standardized tests, half of the lucky admits landed SAT scores between 1370 and 1520 or ACT scores between 31 and 34.

Here’s the twist: a quarter of those accepted aced those score ranges, while another quarter clocked in just below. So, if Kenyon College is calling your name, mark January 15th on your calendar—that’s your application deadline.

Now, when the admissions folks are doing their thing, your GPA takes center stage—it’s a big player in the game. They’re also checking out your high school class rank to see if it’s in the mix, as well as those golden tickets. Yep, letters of recommendation are a big deal for the Kenyon College admissions team.

So, if you’re gunning for Kenyon, bring your A-game, shine in those standardized tests, let your GPA sparkle, and make sure those letters of recommendation sing your praises. Kenyon College is looking for students who are ready to dive into the Kenyon experience.


About Kenyon College

Let’s shine a light on this gem—a small, time-honored liberal arts institution nestled in the heart of the Midwest, proudly wearing the crown as Ohio‘s oldest private college. It’s not just a college; it’s a community that boasts a distinct student body and a faculty team that’s as unique as the students they teach.

Additionally, This university takes pride in its cozy campus, offering a plethora of programs and activities. The professors here aren’t just teachers; they’re enthusiasts, bringing a contagious passion to the subjects they teach and creating an environment that’s nothing short of engaging.

What sets it apart? The absence of cutthroat competition. Instead, there’s a cooperative spirit that transforms the atmosphere into something less stressful and more community-focused.

While hitting the books is a big part of the deal, the open curriculum is a game-changer. It gives students the freedom to explore courses that align with their true interests, making the learning journey all the more meaningful.

And here’s the cherry on top: a rich buffet of class options. It’s not just about fulfilling requirements; it’s about discovering new passions and letting them flourish. This place is more than a college; it’s a canvas for students to paint their academic journey in vibrant hues.


Applicant Selectivity

When it comes to snagging a spot at Kenyon for undergrads, they’re not handing out invites left and right—it’s moderately selective.

Additionally, The folks who get the nod usually land in the mid-range on the SAT or ACT exam. Throw in a solid high school GPA and a decent number of college prep courses, and you’re in the ballpark of what Kenyon is looking for. They’re after students who bring a well-rounded academic game to the table.

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