Brooke Owens Fellowship – Do you know what the Brooke Owens Fellowship is? This aerospace and aviation industry initiative is really exciting. The main goal of this initiative is to empower and encourage women and other underrepresented groups in the space and aviation industries. If you’re interested, I’d love to tell you more about it!

Brooke Owens Fellowship

To assist young talent in breaking into these typically male-dominated sectors, they provide paid internships, mentorship, leadership development, and much more. 

It bears Brooke Owens’ name, an outstanding aerospace professional who also has made significant contributions to the promotion of inclusion and diversity in the sector.

History and Founding of the Brooke Owens Fellowship

The Brooke Owens Fellowship Program was started as a distinguished fellowship to assist and motivate women and people of color who want to work in the aerospace and aviation industries

William Pomerantz, Cassie Lee, and William “Whit” Whittington, three aerospace industry specialists, created it in 2016. The award is however dedicated in honor of Brooke Owens, a recent graduate working in the aerospace industry who died from cancer in 2016.

Additionally, The astounding accomplishments of Brooke Owens and her love of space and aviation served as an inspiration to the program’s creators. 

Brooke was well-known for her work at the Federal Aviation Administration and SpaceX as well as her support of female equality in the aerospace sector.

The Brooke Owens Fellowship’s main objective is to give female and gender-minority undergraduate students chances for internships and mentorship in the aerospace sector. 


More Information About the Fellowship

These internships are made possible through the program’s partnerships with numerous top aerospace businesses, groups, and organizations.

However, to choose a group of gifted and driven fellows, a competitive selection process is carried out each year. 

After being chosen, the fellows are paired with host companies in the aerospace industry where they acquire practical experience and exposure to all facets of the business. 

The program also offers tools for professional growth, networking opportunities, and mentorship to assist the fellows to flourish in their professions.

The Brooke Owens Fellowship has however gained notoriety in the aerospace world and has helped to broaden inclusion and diversity in the sector. 

Additionally, By encouraging the hopes and goals of young women and people from underrepresented groups in the fields of aerospace and aviation, it carries on Brooke Owens’ legacy by motivating and empowering the subsequent generation of aerospace leaders.

Application and Selection Process of the Brooke Owens Fellowship

The Brooke Owens Fellowship application and selection process is challenging and fiercely competitive. An outline of the procedure’s usual flow is given below:

Application Duration: The Brooke Owens Fellowship application time typically begins in the fall of each year. Also, the precise application dates and schedule should be found on the program’s official website, which applicants should regularly monitor.

Online Application: Candidates for fellows must submit an online application through the program’s website. 

Personal information, academic background, a CV, and essay questions meant to gauge the applicant’s enthusiasm for aerospace and aviation are frequently included in applications.

Selection Committee Review: Additionally, Applications are evaluated by a panel of experts from the aerospace sector and former fellows. 

However, Candidates are judged according to their academic success, leadership potential, love of aerospace, and dedication to diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Impact and Success Stories of the Brooke Owens Fellowship

By encouraging diversity and presenting chances for women and gender minorities, the Brooke Owens Fellowship also has had a tremendous impact on the aerospace and aviation industry. 

Additionally, Numerous success stories have come out of the curriculum, and its graduates have gone on to accomplish outstanding feats.

Eligibility Requirements

Application must:

  • Identify as a woman who is cisgender, transgender, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid, genderqueer, or any type of gender minority.
  • Be enrolled in a bachelor’s or associate’s degree program.
  • Also, aspire to have a career in aircraft.



Within the aerospace and aviation sector, the Fellowship is a noteworthy and significant project. 

Additionally, By giving bright women and gender minorities opportunities and assistance, the fellowship program established in Brooke Owens’ memory has successfully bridged the gender gap in these typically male-dominated sectors.