Laspotech Student Portal

To get information as a student in LASPOTECH, you have to log in to the LASPOTECH student portal. And this is why we are here, to show you how it is done and everything you need to know about it.

Laspotech Student Portal

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About Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH)

The Lagos State Polytechnic is a university. It is also owned by the Nigerian government.

The university is also affectionately referred to as LASPOTECH. Additionally, it is in Ikorodu, a city in the middle of Lagos State.

In addition, the organization was founded in 1977 as a result of the promulgation of Lagos State Edict No. 1, which was formerly known as Lagos State College of Science and Technology (LACOSTEC).

In January 1978, it likewise began classes with just five departments. Here are some of them:

  • Basic Studies.
  • Accountancy and Finance.
  • Management and Business Studies.
  • Secretarial studies and insurance.

At LASPOTECH, student portals have become a more reliable and efficient means of contact between educational institutions and their students.

Additionally, this well-organized website makes it easier and faster for students to access and complete particular academic assignments.

Computers or even mobile devices inside or outside the university may be used for this.

Benefits of the LASPOTECH Student Portal

1. Online student applications are made using it.

2. Additionally, school costs are paid using it.

3. Registration for courses is another use for it.

4. Additionally, it helps with the admissions list’s verification.

5. Additionally, it functions as a CGP, post-UTME, exam, and admission status checker.

6. Along with other things, it is used to process transcripts and pay acceptance costs.

LASPOTECH Portal Login 2024 For Students

Your use of the LASPOTECH Student Portal Login Platform has been made incredibly simple by the Lagos State Polytechnic Management.

The portal looks like this:

Every Laspotech student and employee must, in fact, comprehend the Laspotech Portal and be able to use it with ease.

You will surely benefit from this instruction as you learn more about the login portal and how to use it to carry out some essential institutional tasks.

Given the above, it is vital that you comprehend how to:

  • First, register your portal account;
  • Second, connect to your student portal and
  • Third, properly reset your password on the LASPOTECH portal login page.

Decide all the steps necessary to complete the aforementioned activities using the information in the guidance below.


If you are a Laspotech student, follow the steps below to log in to your Laspotech Student Login Portal Link:

1. Start by clicking HERE to access the LASPOTECH login page.

2. Second, fill in the fields on the screen with your LASPOTECH Matric Number or Bursary Number and Password.

3. Finally, to access your LASPOTECH online account, click the “Sign In” button.

If you use your Laspotech student login, what information can you access on the school portal? Take a look at the details below.

Student Portal Information

Additionally, the following are some of the activities you can perform after logging into your LASPOTECH student portal account:

  • Find and update your LASPOTECH student profile.
  • Check out LASPOTECH
  • Visit LASPOTECH to register for semester courses online.
  • Examine the LASPOTECH site news.
  • Check your Laspotech school fees or Laspotech payment data as well.
  • View your LASPOTECH progress markers
  • Change your contact details.

How to Reset Your LASPOTECH Portal Login Password

If you want to change or reset your login password for the LASPOTECH student portal, follow the steps below:

  • First, click HERE to go to the LASPOTECH password reset website.
  • Second, as your default password, enter your LASPOTECH Username and Phone Number in the first field on the website.
  • Then select “Recover Password” to change your LASPOTECH password online.
  • You must first make sure that your Laspotech Email is up to date before you can reset your login password.
  • The activation link to change your LASPOTECH student password can then be found by checking your email or SMS inbox on your phone.
  • Your new password, which will be your LASPOTECH Portal Login password, is then entered.

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