How To Create Jamb Profile for Candidates

Jamb Reprint – After reading this post, JAMB reprinting may be done quickly and accurately. It is required that you print your Jamb examination slip, and this post will demonstrate how to do it quickly.

What is The Jamb Slip All About

Your biodata information, exam information, and UTME subject combinations are all contained in the JAMB examination slip.

To find out your exam date and location, you must reprint the JAMB examination slip. It also serves as your entrance pass to the testing location.

You may find out the date, time, and location of your JAMB examination by using the printout of your examination slip.

How To Reprint The Jamb Slip 

To obtain your 2023/2024 Jamb slip, which includes crucial information regarding your exam, follow these procedures.

Option1: JAMB SLIP Reprint  from the JAMB portal

  • Visit the exam slip reprinting portal at or simply sign in at, the jamb portal.
  • Please enter your phone number, email address, or Jamb registration number.
  • Please double-check that the email address or phone number you provided is the same as the one you used to register with Jamb.
  • To print the slip, click it. The slip can be saved on your phone as a PDF file, then printed at any computer café.
  • You can easily reproduce the jamb slip by going to any computer café, however, you will have to spend 200 Naira.
  • Make five (5) photocopies 

Option 2: JAMB Slip Reprint 2023 from your Email

You must have gotten an email with a confirmation from JAMB, which typically includes an attached PDF file stored with the “JAMB registration number”

  • To begin, sign into your email account and check your inbox for such correspondence (be sure to check “All” folders, including the “spam” one).
  • Once you’ve found the file, download it to your computer or mobile device to give yourself offline access to it.
  • To obtain a reprint whenever you want one, connect your device to any available printer.
  • Remember that since you now have the softcopy (PDF) JAMB slip with you, not having a personal printer should not be a problem (I urge you to copy it to a flash drive too, or any other portable storage device).
  • To print your JAMB slip, go to a cybercafé or any computer in a business facility 

Option 3: JAMB Slip Reprint from your JAMB Profile

  • Visit your Jamb profile at to access it.
  • Click the “E-facility” site menu link, then navigate to the page that appears.
  • To gain access, select “UTME 2023 Main Examination Slip” or “Create e-Facility Account/Login” on the following page.
  • Simply enter your registration number, email address, or GSM number in the space provided, then carry out the instructions as in ‘Option 1’ above.
  • If at all possible, we suggest that you print your slip in color.

Can I print my exam slip more than once?

Your exam slip is available for as many printings as you like. This has no boundaries. I don’t get why you would need to print your jamb slip more than once, though. You must make photocopies because of this in case you lose the original slip.

What Time Does Jamb Slip Printing End? 

Typically, there is no time limit or end date for printing the jamb examinations slip. You should be aware that without this slip, you are unable to enter the test room.


Jamb Exam Instructions

  • A duplicate of this slip and a biro should be brought to the JAMB testing location.
  • The slip should be sent to the supervisor that is in charge of the examination site.
  • This slip-on file should be copied for your records.
  • Biometric identification, such as a thumbprint, is necessary at the testing site.
  • Bags, phones, and other electronic devices are not allowed inside the exam center.
  • You will not be allowed to take the exam if you are late in your batch.

Instructions For Jamb Reprint

Before making any changes to their Jamb Slip, we caution all Jamb applicants to carefully note the following, which we have stated below:

  • With the use of the JAMB portal, applicants may easily check their personal information online, including the date and location of their exams.
  • You should link your phone or other device used to access your information on the JAMB site to a printer because printing is required. Why, you might wonder? Well, before you enter your facility, you should need a hard copy.
  • Despite the fact that Jamb has made it very clear that candidates must register at locations that have been authorized by Jamb. That does not, however, imply that you cannot print your slip at the business center or elsewhere.
  • To print your slip, you don’t absolutely need to spend a fortune. Although we are aware of the high cost of fuel, we ask that you allocate no more than 500 naira for the reprint. You could be charged anything between 150 and 500.
  • The significance of creating photocopies of the Reprint should be discussed next. You can however print out three copies or perhaps more; two for entering the test room and the rest for reference.
  • Printing on black and white or colored printouts is a matter of preference.
  • Do you know that it is fairly likely for candidates to simply show up on the day and location of their alleged exam without even printing anything?
  • Using their email, username, and password, more candidates can still print their slips.

What Will The Jamb Slip Contain

Almost all of the information concerning the exam, including (your data) will also be on the slip. It will include:

  • Date of your Jamb exam.
  • Your Exam location.
  • The period of time allotted for your exam.
  • Your contact information, including your name, address, and jamb registration number.
  • Some fundamental Jamb guidelines that you ought to be aware of.