UNT Scholarships

UNT scholarships are open each year to more than just students who have earned high grades or test scores. Interestingly, there are scholarships available for students who have a passion for a certain subject, have achieved beyond the classroom, belong to specialized organizations, or have a need for financial assistance.

UNT Scholarships

One type of aid that assists students in paying for college is a scholarship. Scholarships can be coupled with other forms of financial aid to pay the whole cost of attendance, unlike student loans which must be repaid.

About UNT Scholarships

Scholarships are given to students based on a variety of criteria, such as athletic ability or artistic flair, in addition to academic performance. Spend some time learning more about the different scholarship options offered by UNT and looking for scholarships that fit your needs and interests.

Eligibility Requirements

Keep a continuous enrollment and complete the UNT hours each autumn and spring. Depending on the first term of your award (fall/spring or spring/fall), the majority of scholarships require at least full-time UNT enrollment and completion of at least 24 UNT hours annually if you have a renewable scholarship.

Maintain the required UNT GPA, plan your utilization of the UNT Learning Center’s services, and utilize them for all of your academic requirements.

Scholarship applicants who don’t meet the standards for renewal will get advice on appealing via EagleConnect.

Keep a copy of your scholarship award agreement alongside your other relevant papers to make it simple for you to access and refer to.


Application Procedure

Get ready with essays, email addresses of people who can write you letters of recommendation, and any other required paperwork. You must add these files to your online application before the deadline for the scholarship opportunity.

It will be noted on the application if additional materials, such as essays or letters of recommendation, are required for a scholarship. All file attachments become UNT’s property and cannot be returned.

If you need help or have queries about the Eagle Scholarship Portal, please read the Application Help and Frequently Asked Questions. Some users may notice that the website operates slowly as the deadline approaches.

Award notification will be delivered to your EagleConnect account—the official UNT email system—if you are chosen to receive a scholarship award. EagleConnect and MyUNT should be kept an eye on by students for reward information. By the end of June, most awards will be announced.

How to Apply

1. You can enroll in a UNT program by applying.

2. Get your MyUNT account active.

3. Activate your Eagle Scholarship Portal account.

4. Keep an eye on your EagleConnect email.

Visit the scholarship portal for more information. With UNT scholarships, you can be sure to pursue a career of your choice. Success with your application!