NDA School Fees

It is great news that Nigerian Defence Academy’s management desires to advise all new and prospective students who have just been admitted that the NDA school fees for 2024 are now available. Read through to get the details.

NDA School Fees

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About the NDA

The only military training center in Nigeria is the Nigerian Defence Academy, which was founded in 1964 and currently houses about 4,500 cadet cadets.

To upgrade the academy’s cognitive infrastructure, the Nigerian Defence School introduced undergraduate and graduate programs in 1985.

But after completing their studies at a university or polytechnic, they were introduced to both Military Officers and Civilians who wish to enroll in a PGD, Master, or Ph.D. program.

Despite the fact that they did not undergo the hard combatant army training in the NDA, the second category of PG students is by nature, not fighters.

NDA School Fees

You are required to pay NDA’s school fees as and when due since they are crucial, especially for new students, as not doing so may prevent you from taking the semester exams.

Except for the necessity for a review, which is entirely up to the university senate’s choice, the amount of NDA school fees is not significantly different from that of the previous academic session.

Additionally, for the 2024 academic year, the screening process for paying NDA school fees will be the same as it was for the prior academic session.

NDA School Fees For Fresh Cadets (Students) 2024 Academic Session

The list of NDA School Fees for New Cadets (Students) in the 2024 Academic Session is shown below:

Course NDA School Fees
Accounting N45,000
Biological Science(s) N45,000
Chemistry N45,000
Civil Engineering N45,000
Computer Science N45,000
Computer Science N45,000
Economics N45,000
Electrical and Electronic Engineering N45,000
Geography N45,000
History N45,000
Mathematics N45,000
Mechanical Engineering N45,000
Physics N45,000
Political Science and Defence Studies N45,000

NDA Acceptance Fee

We should not forget the acceptance fee, which is the first compulsory nonrefundable fee that new Cadets must pay, in addition to the NDA Cadet school expenses for the 2022/2023 session, which must be paid in full upon admittance.

All recently admitted cadets must pay the N35,000 NDA Acceptance Fee.

Accordingly, the overall cost of attending school for NDA undergraduate freshmen is 80,000 Naira. There may be a few little adjustments or levies, depending on the situation, but the aforementioned amount is what the Academy requires.

You should be aware that the NDA only accepts payment through its website, and that tuition for both new and returning students is paid per session rather than per semester. Never use a platform or agency other than the university’s website to pay your tuition.

Admission Requirements

Along with knowing the exact tuition/school fees due at NDA Kaduna, prospective students or applicants should be well-versed with the Academy’s admission standards.

They are:

1. Don’t let the NDA’s website fool you; it functions just like other NDA sites, with successful students getting degrees in any of the available subjects after completing the required amount of years and satisfying the Academy.

The criteria for admission are similar to those of other colleges.

2. A score of 180 or more is required for applicants to the Nigerian Defence Academy in order to be taken into consideration.

3. Candidates must have earned at least five credits in relevant courses for their selected program of study, which must include mathematics and English language.

4. You must have a commissioned officer, or a military officer with the rank of Major, sign your admissions form.

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