SAE International Scholarship has been a source of financial aid to many. You can get this aid as all you need is the right information. This is what we provide and what you will find as you read through.

SAE International Scholarship

SAE International Scholarship

Thanks to the kind donations from diverse individuals, companies, and educational institutions, SAE International takes pride in granting scholarships to both undergraduate and graduate students in the field of engineering.

Administered by the SAE Foundation, these scholarships promote outstanding academic achievements and support students globally in pursuing their fervor for engineering.


Award Amount: $1,000 – $10,000

Eligibility and Criteria

1. This scholarship pertains to students attending a four-year college.

2. The award is exclusively open to U.S. citizens.

3. Submission of a mandatory application form

4. Compulsory financial need assessment

5. Mandatory recommendations or references

How to Apply

1. Examine the prerequisites for each scholarship opportunity.

2. Prior to finalizing the application, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section.

3. Conclude the online application procedure by March 15.

4. Ensure that all necessary documents are uploaded via the application portal online.

Contact Information

Application Deadlines

Unfortunately, the application deadline for this scholarship has expired. It was set for January 15. You also be up to date with this scholarship by always checking online with us. We will give you update when this scholarship is active.


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