Old Dominion University Acceptance Rate

Old Dominion University Acceptance Rate: Are you interested in attending Old Dominion University and would like to know some important facts about the institution? Then you can safely trust this page.

Old Dominion University Acceptance Rate

Before submitting your admissions application to Old Dominion University, you should be aware of the following crucial details regarding the school’s acceptance rate, tuition, requirements, and much more:.

Because of its exceptional academics, notable research profile, and top-notch faculty, Old Dominion University is considered one of the best public research universities in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Old Dominion University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Old Dominion University is among the highest in the nation; however, this does not imply that admission is granted without difficulty.

According to the most recent US News & World Report, Old Dominion University’s acceptance rate is 96, and for early admissions, it is 92.5%.

Approximately 96% of the 24,176 applications that were anticipated to be received for the Fall 2021 admissions cycle were accepted as members of the class of 2025.

The number of applications may have been influenced by a variety of factors. Old Dominion University provides excellent education at a reasonable cost with its financial aid and scholarship offerings.


Old Dominion University’s Admission Requirement

High acceptance rates don’t imply that anyone can enter a school and walk right in. Your SAT scores and GPA need to be above the rest, with a 3.3+. What are the requirements for admission to Old Dominion University? Let’s begin with some data and statistics.

For the class of 2024, the SAT and ACT score ranges were 1120 and 23, respectively. This implies that applicants have a significantly better chance of getting in if their composite SAT and ACT scores are in those ranges.

While having an outstanding academic record would increase your chances of admission, it is not a guarantee. The admissions committee at Old Dominion University doesn’t use a holistic approach where the result is determined by a single factor.

Overview of Old Dominion University

Located in Norfolk, Virginia, Old Dominion University (ODU) is a public research university that was founded in 1930. Once known as the College of William & Mary’s Norfolk Division, it has grown to become one of Virginia’s biggest independent universities.

Over 700 international students from 89 different countries call ODU home. The university enrolled 24,176 students for the 2019–20 academic year.

Among the universities with a high level of research activity and doctoral status (R2) is Old Dominion University. Majors in psychology, criminology, and mental and social health services are the most popular choices.

Additionally, ODU is a public doctoral research university in Virginia that values entrepreneurship. With over 24,000 students, it offers challenging coursework, a vibrant residential community, and initiatives that boost the state’s economy by $2.6 billion yearly. 


Why Attend ODU

It’s been said that the best person to offer advice on a subject is someone with relevant experience. As a result, this section includes quotes from ODU alumni and students.

Among the many benefits we will outline below, 94% of ODU graduates find employment within six months of graduation, making it one of the best reasons to attend. It ranks among the top 15 national universities for the success of African Americans in higher education.

The best school is where to go if you want to advance in your career. For every kind of person, Old Dominion offers a wide range of degrees. In actuality, students can choose from 274 academic programs. Additionally, Old Dominion University has a 17:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

ODU offers a ton of entertaining activities, including sports, and is close to beaches. We welcome students who want to learn in an enjoyable setting. Students will learn concentration and focus from this. All you need to do is have an open mind to enjoy ODU.

Once more, there is a chance to socialize with individuals from various backgrounds. As we previously stated, ODU is home to students from 89 different nations. You’ll learn from and make connections with international students outside of the classroom.