Adamson University Tuition

The Adamson University Tuition is subject to fluctuations, as they can vary from one academic year to the next and are contingent on the specific academic program you select. If you’re considering enrollment at this institution, we offer a detailed breakdown of Adamson University’s tuition fees for your reference. Continue reading to learn more!

Adamson University Tuition

About Adamson University

Adamson University, situated in Manila, Philippines, is a privately funded Catholic research institution with a rich history. Established in 1932 by the Vincentian Fathers, a Catholic religious community, it stands as one of the Philippines’ most venerable universities.

Originally known as the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry and Engineering, the university has since expanded its academic scope to encompass an extensive array of disciplines. It presently provides an assortment of undergraduate and graduate programs spanning fields such as engineering, business, health sciences, liberal arts, and education, among others.

While Adamson University’s foundation is rooted in Catholicism, it warmly welcomes students of all faiths, promoting an inclusive and diverse educational environment.

Furthermore, the university is renowned for its significant contributions to research and innovation across various domains. It houses dedicated research centers and institutes, driving advancements in areas like science and technology.

Adamson University also actively participates in collegiate sports competitions within the Philippines, offering athletic programs for sports enthusiasts among its student body.

Moreover, the university boasts a burgeoning alumni network, which includes notable individuals who have left their mark in diverse arenas, spanning business, politics, education, and more.


Adamson University Tuition

The full details of Adamson University’s tuition fees for a typical academic year remain uncertain. This ambiguity arises because tuition fees are subject to change on an annual basis and are contingent upon the specific academic program or degree you wish to pursue.

Additionally, whether you are a local or international student can also impact your tuition costs. For the most accurate and current information, it is crucial to refer to the university’s official website or directly contact their admissions department.

Nevertheless, we can provide you with historical tuition fees at Adamson University, as well as the current tuition fee for the ongoing academic session.

In 2021, the estimated annual tuition fees for undergraduate programs for local students at Adamson University ranged from approximately 40,000 PHP to 70,000 PHP or even higher.

This range depends on factors such as the chosen program and the number of course units taken each semester. International students typically incur higher tuition fees.

Consequently, to budget for a semester at Adamson University, you should plan to allocate around P30,000 to P50,000 for tuition and other associated fees.

It’s worth noting that the university operates on a semester-based academic calendar, and first-year students typically carry a course load of approximately 23 to 29 units, contingent on their selected course of study.

Adamson University Tuition Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of semestral tuition fees per college:

1. Architecture: Php 65,449

2. Business Administration: P47,634 – P61,940

3. Education and Liberal Arts: P39,866 – P58,080

4. College of Engineering: P57,979 – P68,445

5. College of Nursing: P68,324

6. You may find the complete list of tuition fees for freshmen students here.


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