The NYSC exclusion letter registration procedure is very crucial for those who do not wish to participate in the NYSC program. However, you have to be very accurate in what you do or you may not be allowed to be excluded. As you read through, we will be showing you how to go about it.

NYSC Exclusion Letter Registration Procedure

NYSC Exclusion Letter

The certificate of exemption is granted to individuals who, by law, are ineligible to partake in the NYSC program. If you’re a part-time student, you are ineligible for NYSC enrollment.

Similarly, individuals over 30 years old are not liable to be called up for NYSC service.

Those who have completed over nine months of service in the Nigerian Armed Forces, SSS, or Police Forces, as well as recipients of national awards like the OON, are also exempt from national service obligations.

If you fall into any of these categories, you will be excused from NYSC service and issued a certificate of exemption or exclusion. This policy applies to both Nigerian and foreign graduates.


NYSC Exclusion Letter Registration Procedure

1. Visit

2. Go to the bottom of the page, Click “Check Senate List or its equivalents” ( to confirm your details

3. Return to Homepage

4. Tap on ‘Mobilization Batch

5. Tap on ‘Fresh Registration’ which will redirect you to the next page (Initiate account Creation)

6. Fill in the required details and Click on ‘Continue’

7. Verify your email address by ‘Tapping on the URL to confirm and continue with your NYSC account creation/registration

8. Fill in the required details, (Please select Part-Time to ignore JAMB Regularization No.), then Click on ‘Submit and Continue’,

9. You’ll be directed to the Payment Page where you can select your preferred payment method.

10. Once there, proceed with the payment. (usually less than N3000, excluding cybercafé charges)

11. After payment, monitor your dashboard to see if immediate printing is available, or check back after a few days for printing.


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