CRUK PhD Scholarship

CRUK PhD Scholarship – The CRUK PhD Scholarship Program 2024–2025 is now accepting applications. In close collaboration with the scientific community, including the knowledgeable partner organizations Black in Cancer and Windsor Fellowship, Cancer Research UK (CRUK) established this program.

CRUK PhD Scholarship

The CRUK is dedicated to fostering inclusive, equitable. And diverse research settings that empower all researchers to reach their full potential in the fight against cancer. The goal of this initiative is to foster the advancement of the next generation of Black researchers.

The MRes+PhD program established at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute provides students with the opportunity to take advantage of all needs-based. Also, core training possibilities while being fully integrated into the community of CRUK Cambridge Centre-funded students.

About the CRUK PhD Scholarship

We designed this program in consultation with the research community and in close cooperation with our knowledgeable partners. Black in Cancer and the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, as part of their commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion in research.

In 2023, there should be a total of four Ph.D. scholarships offered during this first pilot year. The initiative will be developed over time. And its eligibility for other groups who are underrepresented in our research community will be reviewed.

How it is Funded

Following our usual Ph.D. funding rates, you will receive A fully funded 4-year Ph.D. studentship (non-clinical), which includes a stipend, research supplies, and UK home tuition fees.

In addition to the assistance offered by the CRUK Centres, a comprehensive mentoring, career support, leadership development, and networking program run by the Windsor Fellowship and Black in Cancer will assist you in advancing your career and reaching your full potential in the fight against cancer.

Duration, Funding, and Stipend

As the CRUK Ph.D. program only takes four to eight new students each year and is highly selective, whenever they are hiring, they receive hundreds of applications from all over the world.

Thanks to studentships financed by Cancer Research UK, graduate students have four years to pursue their studies (CRUK).

Although many students connect and work collaboratively with multiple groups as their project progresses, projects are typically completed within a single research group.

Successful candidates get a sizeable non-taxable stipend that covers tuition, bench fees, and stipend for the course of their four-year study. The appropriate quantity of funding is provided to studentship-based research groups to ensure that the project is effectively supported.


Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

1. The scholarship program is intended for Black students who are seeking a Ph.D. in a discipline connected to cancer.

2. Anyone who self-identify as having Black heritage, including those with mixed ancestry, is eligible for the program.

Black people of African, Caribbean, other, or mixed backgrounds, for instance (to include Black African, Black Caribbean, or other Black backgrounds).

3. You must also fulfill the normal admission requirements for the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute at a CRUK Center, which typically include: possessing or anticipating receiving an undergraduate honors degree in a relevant field with a first- or upper-second-class standing or equivalent (or equivalent from a non-UK university)

Fulfill the English language standards established by the host university, and possess the necessary research experience in a relevant field, either as part of or outside of an undergraduate or master’s degree program.

4. During our first round, which begins in September 2023, there are four studentship positions available.

Two of them will take place at the CRUK Cambridge Center and two at the CRUK City of London Center.

How to Apply

To apply, they will ask you to:

1. Express your interest

Afterward, you’ll get an invitation to one of our online Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, an interactive webinar where you can learn about life as a doctoral student. You also get pointers and guidance on how to submit an effective application to a doctoral program.

Further expressions of interest for this cycle are now closed as their 2022 Insight Sessions have already taken place.

2. Application to the Black Leaders in Cancer Ph.D. Scholarship Program

Submit a formal Windsor Fellowship application

If chosen, you will subsequently get more assistance with your doctoral application.

3. Submit a Ph.D. studentship application.

You’ll be given the option of applying to the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute or the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute for a Ph.D.

You will receive an invitation to an interview at one of these Centers if you are shortlisted.

Selection Process

After the application deadline, candidates should anticipate hearing within six weeks whether they have been selected for an interview.

Interviews are conducted with all postgraduate candidates shortlisted. If you are an international applicant, your first interview may be performed viaCancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. But if the situation permits, you might be invited to the Institute for a formal interview with your potential supervisor and other senior Institute staff members before you are hired.

You might be required to give a presentation on a recent research endeavor. Also, you’ll get to know a lot of the lab colleagues that will help you with your research. The Institute will cover the cost of attending an interview.

In order to be considered for a Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute Ph.D. studentship, your application must be submitted by the specified deadline. After then, your application will be taken into account together with all others.

If a group leader has formally agreed to supervise your Ph.D. thesis and you have independent money to support your studies, the Institute will review your formal application as soon as it is received.