College Scholarships in the Philippines – There are many scholarships available in the Philippines, and the majority of students are searching for financial aid to cover this considerable expense.

To afford costs like books, transportation, food, accommodation, tuition, and other connected charges, you must have a stable financial situation. This is one of the ways that scholarships in the Philippines assist to reduce significant costs.

College Scholarships in the Philippines

The Philippines is a peaceful nation with influences from many various civilizations, including Spanish, Filipino, Malay, and American.

Along with having appealing tourist attractions, they are known for having one of Asia’s best educational systems, which provides high-quality education at reasonable costs. Statistics show that more than 5,000 foreign students annually go to the Philippines in search of scholarships.

Why Study in the Philippines? (College Scholarships in the Philippines)

There are many benefits to studying in the Philippines, and many international students have recognized the need to move there in order to enroll in their ideal programs. In the Philippines, both business and instruction are conducted in the same language. 

Since English is the nation’s official language, pupils who speak this language won’t have any trouble adjusting. 90% of people in the nation are able to speak and comprehend English.

They are also the English-speaking nation with the highest population in Asia. As a result, the Philippines is home to thousands of overseas students looking for scholarships. They receive a top-notch education, which will equip international students with highly competent employees. Several justifications for attending school in the Philippines include:

English as Official Language: (College Scholarships in the Philippines)

The Philippines, one of the most English-speaking nations in the world, has the English language as its second official language. The majority of educational institutions in the nation educate commands in English as a second language.

Affordable Cost of Living:

In addition to receiving a high-quality education, overseas students can live more affordably by spending less money on things like food, housing, clothing, transportation, medical expenses, and many other things.


Friendly Citizens:

Due to the friendliness and hospitality of the Filipino people, it is simpler for international students to integrate quickly. It is easy to quickly establish new friends and gradually gain knowledge of various cultures. Some Filipinos can wind up treating you like family and inviting you to their home for lunch or dinner.

Philippine Scholarship Opportunities

The Philippines’ College Scholarships are listed below. Please read the entire page on Scholarships for College Students if you would want more information on the application procedure, eligibility conditions, scholarship program, financial aid, and application form.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship

All eligible Filipinos are welcome to apply for the Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023. With the HawakKamay (HK) Scholarship from Araullo University (AU), new college freshmen will have the chance to obtain a grant that will be good until the end of the selected college program, with no requirement to maintain grades.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship Benefits

  • Scholarship Grant with a 75% Discount on Miscellaneous Fees and Tuition.
  • The Hawak Kamay Scholarship covers four years of college.
  • This scholarship is renewable each semester.
  • The requirement to retain grades is not visible.

GSIS Scholarship:

One of the Philippine Scholarships approved by the Government Service Insurance System. The educational subsidy program for Filipino students is also known as the GSIS scholarship, and its overall benefits are worth PHP10,000.

U-GO Scholar Grant Program

Every aspect of the program’s execution, including the application assessment, scholar monitoring, and interviews, will be managed by the Ayala Foundation.

Scholarship Benefits

Megaworld Foundation Scholarship

The Megaworld Foundation scholarship, which was established in 1999 to support students who are academically successful, is one of the scholarships available in the Philippines. Qualified students are qualified for benefits like a yearly allowance, payment of their entire tuition, and the chance to work for any Megaworld Foundation subsidiary or affiliate.

Qualifications for Megaworld Foundation Scholarship

Here they are:

  • Scoring 85% on average
  • Certificate of enrolment 
  • Admission letter

TeachSTEM Scholarship

The TeachSTEM Scholarship Program seeks to cultivate and support qualified STEM educators who will lead by example in their communities and empower young people to participate in nation-building. 

The program aims to develop 21st-century learners and foster a STEM-oriented culture amongst Filipino students and educational stakeholders by equipping teachers with in-depth subject knowledge, effective teaching techniques, and pertinent values.

Landbank Scholarship

One of the most notable scholarships offered in the Philippines is the Landbank Scholarship, which was established by the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific. In addition to full tuition funding, book stipends, funding for thesis projects, and assistance with licensing exams, among other things, it also offers scholarships.

Qualifications for Landbank Scholarship

Here they are:

  • Freshmen must have a GWA of at least 85  
  • Filipino citizens.
  • Must have passed the partner universities’ screening
  • Must not be connected to any financial awards or scholarships from additional outside sources.


College Scholarships in the Philippines – International students from all around the world now have several options thanks to scholarships in the Philippines. Additionally, You can apply for each of the scholarships mentioned in this article to receive additional funding for your studies.