Cheapest Universities in Nigeria

Cheapest Universities in Nigeria – You’ve found the right page if you’re looking for information on the cheapest federal universities in Nigeria for the 2024 academic year. All 36 of Nigeria’s states place a strong emphasis on education, a nation known for its vibrant culture, diverse population, and rich heritage. 

Cheapest Universities in Nigeria

Consideration must be given to inexpensive options that offer high-quality educational opportunities, as more students are aspiring to pursue higher education

Federal universities, renowned for their academic excellence and support from the government, are the subject of this discussion. In order to shed light on some of the least expensive federal universities, this article explores the topic of affordability in the Nigerian university education landscape. 

Students can learn more about their affordable options without sacrificing the standard of their education by investigating these institutions.

The Cheapest Universities in Nigeria 2024

Below is a list of Nigeria’s ten most affordable universities:

Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Federal University of Agriculture, one of the top universities in Nigeria, is well known for its accelerated academic schedule. In addition to having excellent infrastructure, this institution has astonishingly low tuition fees per department.

One of the three agricultural universities in the country, FUNAB is regarded as one of the best and most prestigious. Some departmental professors earn as little as N18,250 while others earn as much as N32,000.

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Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

This university will keep developing. Students are drawn to the university by its established learning environment and top-notch lecturers.

Many people consider ABU to be the best university in Northern Nigeria, and it has maintained its excellent standing as one of the best universities in the country.

You might be surprised to learn that the prestigious institution has very affordable tuition, with prices ranging from N27,000 to N33,000 depending on the department.

University of Ibadan, Ibadan

The most puzzling aspect of this university is how they have managed to maintain a consistent track record of excellent academic performance since its founding in 1948. 

It has continued to hold its position as the country’s first and, arguably, one of the best universities. 

According to the UTME, the university continues to be one of the most sought-after institutions in West Africa and boasts having one of the highest numbers of professors. The tuition costs are between N30,000 and N35,000.

University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos

A university located in the center of the busiest city in West Africa would be expected to be fairly pricey. It’s odd that it isn’t. In actuality, UNILAG is one of Nigeria’s most affordable tertiary institutions. 

The University, which also upholds a high level of education, continues to rank among the top three institutions in Nigeria. Some departments charge as little as N14,500 in tuition, while others charge as much as N65,000.

Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

The school maintains an outstandingly amazing academic standard while combining the force of personality. 

The OAU continues to produce successful alumni, adding to the already large number of well-known names in its archive, which serves to boost the school’s pride. 

The school’s ranking as one of the best in the country is not a fraud. The institution charges one of the lowest tuition rates in the nation. Although the majority of faculties pay between N19,500 and N30,000, a select few pay as much as N65,000.

University of Benin, Benin City

One of Nigeria’s first-generation institutions of higher learning is the University of Benin. This prestigious university has kept up an admirable and enviable learning culture ever since it was founded in 1970. 

They are one of the select few organizations that can boast of having a sizable number of professors on their radar. Only the University of Lagos and a few other universities can rival the wonderful social life at this school in terms of social-academic chemistry. 

Regarding tuition costs, the University is also among the most reasonable. Depending on the course, tuition can be anywhere from N13,000 to N49,000.     

Bayero University, Kano

Despite being among the least well-known schools on this list, this Northern institution of higher learning is still regarded as one of the best in Nigeria. 

The university is strategically situated in the middle of the state with the highest population in the country. Depending on the faculty, the school’s tuition costs between N33,000 and N40,000.   

University of Calabar, Calabar

Although it may not be one of Nigeria’s top 5 universities, the University of Calabar is still excellent enough to be sought after throughout the country. They have a respectable educational level, and the classroom atmosphere is calm. Depending on the faculty, the school’s sessional tuition costs range from N35,000 to N42,000 (Naira).   

National Open University of Nigeria

It is the first institution of its kind in the country that is operated by the federal government. This institution has achieved success since its founding in 1983. From N36,000 to N41,000 is the tuition cost.

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University of Abuja, Abuja, FCT

The University of Abuja, which is in the center of the country, is regarded as having one of the best learning environments in the entire continent. 

The school has received particular praise for its law faculty, which is home to one of the best-run student representative councils in the nation. 

Depending on the faculty, the tuition ranges from N36,000 to N42,300.

You can easily complete the four corners of tertiary education with the listed University and have a wonderful experience without overly spending much.