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Gurugram University

Gurugram University

Gurugram University, founded in 2017 as a state university, began operations on the site of Rao Tula Ram College of Science and Commerce.

The University places a high value on achieving excellence in academic learning, research, and scholarships throughout disciplines.

Gurugram University comprises five faculties: Social Science, Humanities, Commerce and Management, Information Technology, and Life Sciences.

The University provides undergraduate programs in engineering and pharmacy, as well as graduate programs in humanities, management, and social science.

The University has inked Memorandums of Understanding with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Fortis Hospital in Gurugram, and Medhavi College in Nepal.

These Memorandums of Understanding aim to enhance skill development and exchange initiatives across all disciplines.

Furthermore, Gurugram University offers post-matric scholarships to students from the restricted categories.



Most undergraduate and graduate programs at Gurugram University will admit students in 2024 based on merit and qualifying test scores.

However, online counseling (provided by HSTES) and GPAT scores are utilized to determine admission to programs such as BPharm and MPharm, respectively.

An internal entrance exam is administered to students applying for Ph.D. programs at the university. Candidates who have obtained a UGC NET or CSIR NET score are exempt from sitting the internal admission exam.

Fee Structure

Gurugram University’s cost is divided into several components, some of which are paid in one lump sum and others semester by semester.

Tuition, a caution deposit, lodging and mess fees, and other expenses are among the components. Aspirants must pay this amount at the time of admission, followed by semester payments.

Candidates should keep in mind that this cost is sourced from the institute/sanctioning body’s official website. But it is subject to change.

A caution deposit is a refundable payment that is refunded to students upon completion of their degree.

Campus Life and Events

Gurugram University offers the following facilities:

1. The institution would build a high-quality, fully air-conditioned library with internet access for its students.

It would include a large collection of literature covering all undergraduate and graduate-level topics.

The library would subscribe to several reputable international and Indian publications and magazines.

2. Boys Hostel: The institution features a fantastic boys’ hostel that provides pleasant lodging for students.

3. Girls Hostel: The institution has a girls’ hostel that provides students with comfortable dormitory rooms.

4. Laboratories: The university provides student access to departmental laboratories.

5. The auditorium is the university’s event and seminar facility.

6. Medical/Hospital: The institution provides students with access to a health center that includes a first aid station.

7. IT infrastructure:  The institution provides students with exceptional IT infrastructure services.

8. Sports: All students have access to the university’s athletic facilities. To enhance students’ general development, the institution will provide a variety of sporting activities and encourage involvement from students.

All facilities and playgrounds will be open for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, and other activities.

9. Transport: The institution provides transportation for both staff and students.

10. Cafeteria:  Gurugram University has a cafeteria on its current campus that serves food at a reduced cost to both students and faculty.

Gurugram University’s canteen caters to the many interests and preferences of staff, lecturers, and students.


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