Goldwater ScholarshipGoldwater Scholarship – Are you interested in learning more about the Barry Goldwater Scholarship? The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is a prestigious award program for outstanding undergraduate students in mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering.


The scholarship, which was established in 1986, aims to identify and encourage the next generation of scientific leaders and scholars in the United States.

The Barry Goldwater Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards for undergraduate students pursuing careers in STEM fields, with a rigorous application process and a highly competitive selection process.

What are Barry Goldwater Scholarships?

Goldwater Scholarships have been awarded to thousands of undergraduates over the course of its 30-year history, many of whom have gone on to win other prestigious awards such as the Nobel Prize.

Goldwater alumni can also be found conducting research that assists the nation’s defense, discovering cures for catastrophic diseases, and teaching future generations of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

Thousands of undergraduates have received Goldwater Scholarships over the course of the program’s 30-year history, with many of them going on to win other prestigious awards such as the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Fellowship.

Our scholars are supported in their graduate studies by the Rhodes Scholarship, the Churchill Scholarship, and the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.

Today, Goldwater alumni can also be found conducting research that aids national defense, discovering cures for deadly diseases, and teaching future generations of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.

Amount of the Scholarship

Each Goldwater Scholar receives an annual stipend equal to the cost of tuition, mandatory fees, books, and room and board, less any other sources of support, up to a maximum of $7.500 per full academic year.

Scholars who receive the award as sophomores can expect to receive funding for up to two years (4 semesters) or until graduation, whichever comes first.

Scholars who receive the award as juniors can expect to receive funding for up to one year (2 semesters) or until graduation, whichever comes first.


Eligibility Criteria

Accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States that have designated a Goldwater Campus Representative with the Foundation may nominate up to four students per year.

If one or more of the nominated students is a transfer student, a four-year school may nominate a fifth student.

No direct student applications or nominations from campuses will be considered unless accompanied by a Goldwater Campus Representative.

What are the Requirements for a Goldwater Scholarship?

1. During the 2022-2023 academic year, you must be a full-time matriculated sophomore or junior pursuing a degree at an accredited 2- or 4-year institution of higher education.

2. Plan to pursue a career in research in a natural science, mathematics, or engineering field.

3. Have a minimum college grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, and

4. Be a citizen or national of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, the United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Also be a Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Palau, and any other United States territory or possession; or a permanent resident.

A photocopy of the Permanent Resident Card, also known as the Green Card, must be submitted.

Student Nomination Process

1. Review the Goldwater Eligibility Requirements

Do you fit the definition of a college sophomore or junior?

Do you have a GPA greater than 3.0 on a 4.0 scale? Also, Do you want to do research in the natural sciences, engineering, or mathematics?

Are you a naturalized citizen or a permanent resident? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you are eligible for a Goldwater scholarship nomination.

You can also read about the eligibility requirements here.

If you are concerned about your competitiveness, do not “count yourself out” before speaking with your Goldwater Campus Representative.

2. Identify Your School’s Goldwater Campus Representative (CR)

Open the Campus Representative Locator to find your school’s CR.

If your school is not listed on the Locator, please call 507-931-8335 or send an email to Goldwater.

3. Complete a Student Profile

Complete the Goldwater Scholarship Pre-Application and Student Profile. When you submit your student profile and pre-application, they are emailed to the CR at your campus.

If you have not heard from your CR within a reasonable time (e.g., within a week), contact them at the email address or phone number listed in the Locator.

4. Complete the Online Goldwater Application

Additionally, there are several components to the online application, including an online questionnaire, a research essay, three letters of recommendation, a transcript(s), and, if you are a Permanent Resident, a copy of your Permanent Resident Card.