Understanding Capella University can be a strategic asset, as knowledge is a potent tool. Here is our guide to gaining insights that will empower you to thrive within its walls. Throughout this journey, we’ll equip you with all the vital details you require to navigate this esteemed institution.

Capella University

About Capella University

As a recognized online institution, Capella is committed to giving you the greatest possible education that will prepare you for success in your line of work.

Our demanding program is competency-based and blends theoretical underpinnings with practical applications to guarantee our students obtain a top-notch education.

As a Capella student, you will benefit from unmatched support as you become a part of a thriving professional community and collaborate with a faculty of knowledgeable and interesting teachers via our virtual campus and virtual classrooms.

Because our courses and programs are created to adhere to the criteria set by certifying agencies and professional groups, you will acquire knowledge and skills that you can use right away to further your professional objectives.


Capella University Acceptance Rate

Capella University is one of the 23% of US universities with the simplest admissions rates, with a 100% acceptance rate.

The university releases its admissions data without making a distinction between domestic and foreign applicants. 39,727 students were enrolled solely in online courses.

Admissions Requirements

The admissions process at Capella University is open (non-competitive). The sole prerequisites are a General Educational Development certificate, a high school diploma, or an attendance certificate.

Tuition Fee

The average annual net cost of attending Capella University is $14,935; this figure is derived by deducting the average amount of financial aid received from the total average cost of tuition, room & board, books, and supplies.

Each student’s total cost of attendance is different depending on their program, residency, household income, and other criteria.


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